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4 Fuel Saving Tips

Since everyone can't easily trade their car in for a new one, most of us are trying to find ways to spend less at the pump.
fueling a car
By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

fueling a car These days you’re seeing less and less sports cars and SUVs on the road; the rising gas prices have people trading in their cars for more fuel efficient models. Since everyone can’t get, or even wants to deal with, a new auto loan most of us are trying to find a way to spend less at the pump.

Carpooling is an option that can help several people out, the more people come together to share a ride the less you’ll each be paying. If it’s possible you could drive less, especially if you live in a hub with nearby stores. Depending on how much you’re looking to save a bicycle might be a worthy investment. If you do carpool though, try not to leave your car on idle for longer than 30 second as it can eat up your gas more than you realize.

According to Federal Trade Commission, fuel additives can save you a bit of money although it isn’t that much. Using fuel system cleaners can help keep your engine running at peak performance which means better gas mileage. Keeping up on car maintenance like proper air pressure in your tires and replacing clogged air filters can also reduce your fuel economy.

Also fill up locally, gas prices in big city areas and sometimes right off the highways are more likely to be pricier. We suggest finding a good app; GasBuddy is a widely used gas finding app available for smart phones and online.

Another great way to stop spending so much on gas is to stop speeding. Yep, according to Business Insider anyone who speeds could be paying $1 more per gallon. Going from 50 to 60 mph drops your miles per gallon (mpg) by 14 percent. Driving 80 mph drops your fuel efficiency by 41 percent compared to your peer cruisin’ at 50 mph.

Next time you’re coming close to needing to fill up, think about all these ways you could be saving just a little at the pump. It might not be much, but hey, we all get excited when gas drops 10 or 15 cents these days so why not save a few more cents.