Find Medical and Dental Loans

Use an unsecured personal loan to pay for elective or necessary medical and dental treatments and surgeries. We’ll show you how.

Always free and will not impact your credit score.

How Can You Use Medical and Dental Personal Loans?

Take care of yourself or a loved one with a medical/dental personal loan. You can use a personal loan for any medical or dental procedure. Some reasons include:


Deferred treatment or care

Whether it’s care you’ve been putting off or an outpatient procedure, insurance may not cover the total cost of treatment.


Major medical treatment

Even if you have insurance, you may have a large deductible to cover before you can begin treatment or have surgery.


Ongoing treatment

Long-term procedures and treatments, both medical and dental, can be tremendously costly.


Consolidate medical bills

Get help getting medical bills under control after an illness or accident.


Payoff a medical debt that has gone to collections

Stop the calls and stress of unpaid medical debt.


Cosmetic surgery and treatments

Pay for dental and cosmetic surgery that isn’t covered by insurance.

What Kind of Medical Loans Are There?

Whether you need a little money or a lot, have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, or have a unique situation, there’s a medical loan for you.

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Low rates
You may be able to find a medical loan for a lower APR than you’d pay on your credit card, especially if you have good credit.
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Fair or Bad Credit
Medical and dental offices may extend credit to some patients, but only for those who have very good credit. Some personal loan companies will extend credit to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit.
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Good or Excellent Credit
If you have good credit but your credit cards come with a high interest rate, you could get a personal loan at a lower APR and save money on interest.
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High amounts
You don’t have to clean out your savings or retirement account to pay for urgent medical treatment.
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No credit
It can be hard to qualify for medical office financing or a new credit card with no credit, but some personal loan lenders will work with borrowers who don’t have a long credit history.
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With a co-signer
A co-signer could help you qualify for a higher loan amount in some instances.

Medical & Dental Personal Loan FAQs

Get your most pressing questions answered here.

Can I use a medical or dental personal loan to travel out of the country for treatment?

Yes, in almost all cases, you should be able to use your loan in whatever way is necessary to receive the treatment you are seeking, even if it’s in another country.

Can I get a personal loan for my medical treatment if I was denied by another lender?

If you were denied a medical loan through your doctor’s or dentist’s office, there’s still hope. AmONE strives to match you with lenders who can work with your situation and credit report.

Do I have to pay to get a medical/dental loan?

You will pay interest on your loan, and you may also pay an origination fee to get the loan.

What if I have already had the medical treatment? Can I still get a loan?

You can still apply for a loan for your medical or dental treatment even if you’ve already had it. A personal loan can be used for many things, including both medical treatment and medical bills.