Finding a Loan Online: How AmONE Works

At AmONE, our mission is simple: to help consumers and small business owners meet their financial needs safely and easily.

Here’s how we do it.

We help consumers and small business owners nationwide solve their financial needs in the safest and easiest manner possible.

Tell us about yourself
Answer a few basic questions about yourself and your financial goals through our online application.
Find trusted lenders
Instantly receive a list of trusted lenders that most closely match your profile.
Get the best personal loan for you
Choose your lender and apply for your loan while we remain available to support you in the process.
It’s easy to get started
Finding and applying for a personal loan shouldn’t be hard. Fill out one application through our easy form.

Why it works.

We’ve partnered with highly rated debt consolidation and personal loan companies to offer

solutions and support to save you time and money.

Finding and applying for a personal loan shouldn’t be hard.

We’ve partnered with highly rated debt consolidation and personal loan companies to offer you solutions, information, and support to save you time and money while also giving you peace of mind knowing you’re making an informed financial decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AmONE Legit?

AmONE is a legitimate, free service that matches borrowers to real direct lenders in their states. You can see AmONE reviews from real consumers on sites like Trustpilot.

How much can I get for a personal loan?

The amount an individual borrower can get depends on many factors including income and other debts, but generally, personal loans are commonly available for up to $50,000. Some borrowers may qualify for up to $100,000, and a few lenders offer loans this high.

Are personal loans safe?

Personal loans from legitimate, trusted lenders, such as the ones partnered with AmONE, are safe. You may be concerned about predatory loans with obscene interest rates and other bad practices, but we have carefully vetted our lenders to ensure they are safe.

Is my information protected?

Yes, we use the highest level of security and encryption to ensure your information remains private and safe.

Are personal loans bad for credit?

The only time a personal loan would be bad for your credit is if you failed to make payments on it. If you make your payments on time and pay the loan as agreed, a personal loan will help your credit.

Are personal loans fixed or variable?

The vast majority of personal loans are fixed rate. No matter if rates go up or down, you will keep the same rate on your personal loan, unlike your credit card, which is a variable rate.

Can personal loans be paid off early?

Yes, you can pay off personal loans early. Most legitimate personal loans will not charge you a fee to pay off the loan early, but you should check to be sure.

Does it matter what a personal loan is for?

You can use a personal loan for many things, including home improvement, debt consolidation, emergencies, medical care, and more. There are a few specific things you can’t use personal loans for, such as gambling or paying for college, but most lenders are very flexible as to what you can use your loan for.

Will personal loan rates go up?

Nobody can say for sure if the Fed will raise rates, which in turn would raise personal loan rates along with all other rates, but once you get your personal loan, your rate is locked in and won’t go up no matter what the Fed decides to do.

How much does it cost to get a personal loan?

As with many loans, including mortgages, you may pay a loan origination fee. This is to pay for the expenses that come with taking out a loan including checking your credit and administrative costs. It should only be a few percentage points of the loan amount. Sometimes it is taken out of your loan amount and sometimes it is added to it.

Why you can trust AmONE?

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Personal privacy
AmONE never stores sensitive personal information like your date of birth or social security number.
No Payment required
No payment required
AmONE will never ask for any payment for our service, nor for your checking or credit card information.
Easy access
Easy access
AmONE will always provide you with a quick response to questions and an easy way to access your options.