Why Lenders Partner With AmONE

Partnering with AmONE will be the beginning of a successful long-term relationship with a reputable company that has an established presence throughout the United States.

With over 15 years of industry experience, AmONE’s proprietary loan-matching system combined with the world-class customer service of our team of financial search specialists will provide you with the most qualified leads available, either transferred live to your loan officers or referred directly to your online application.

Potential customers will always submit their own information on any application; AmONE is simply connecting borrowers with loan lending partners. We are not a broker or middleman, and have no involvement in the loan process once the match has been completed.

Many consumers and small business owners turn to us for a variety of needs. Let us help you save time and money by providing you with leads best suited for your lending requirements.

Advantages of a Partnership with AmONE

  • Prescreened qualified leads ensure more closed loans.
  • Ability to quickly increase or decrease traffic as your needs dictate.
  • Top-notch technology team experienced in system integrations.
  • Experienced account rep that will be your single point of contact.
  • Access to executive team insight depending on level of relationship.

Long Term Relationships

We have a long history with our network of loan lending partners, always working to create mutually beneficial relationships, and look forward to growing a relationship with you that will last.

Customer Satisfaction

Over $4 billion in loan approvals for consumers and business owners nationwide. People who use our matching system have a much greater likelihood of ending up at the right lender, which greatly increases approval rates and happiness with the overall process.

Sky Is The Limit

We have been growing since our inception in 1999, with 50 percent year-over-year expansion again in 2015. We have an executive team dedicated to growing the company in a responsible and sustainable manner.


We are committed to results, and to that end make sure customers provide us with all necessary information to assist us in making sure they are a great match for you!

If you are interested in partnering with us, fill out the form on the left and an account specialist will be in touch within one business day.