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AmOne’s Take on “The Top Financial Concerns of the Urban, Educated Millennial”

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educated millennials
By AmOne
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

educated millennialsYou don’t need a degree in finance to know two things about money: (1) you never have as much as you’d like  and (2) making sound and responsible personal financial decisions can be difficult. Michael Ruderman, an employee at Personal Capital (a digital wealth management firm in Silicon Valley) admits that not only are the questions we all have about money daunting, the answers to these questions may be even less comforting. Ruderman has noticed his friends and family are coming to him with a similar set of questions about their finances. The most common millennial financial concerns are:

  1. When can I buy my first home?
  2. Can I retire early if I do everything right?
  3. How do I get out of student debt?
  4. How should I think about inheritance?

In his article, “The Top Financial Concerns of the Urban, Educated Millennial”  Ruderman asserts there is no easy personal finance shortcut for millennials that will help them buy a house, retire early, or get out of student debt. The dream of buying a perfect home in the center of one of America’s most populated cities is probably unrealistic for a young working-class person. He points out that most people who want to buy a house at a young age will have to adjust the location, size, and price tag of their home if they want their dream to ever become a reality. Most people, no matter the size of their paycheck, will be unable to retire before the age of 60. The reason for this is mostly due to quality of life. Those of us taking home a big chunk of change work hard for it and  often we live at or above our means. As our salaries rise throughout our careers, so will our taste for a more comfortable lifestyle, making it harder and harder to put enough of our salary away  to secure  an early retirement. As far as paying down student loan debt, Ruderman recommends first trying to find a loan with a lower interest rate, then committing to living frugally until the loan is paid off to avoid wasting money on interest. When it comes to large sums of money, like an inheritance, you must invest in something: yourself (in the form of going back to school and continuing your education), a home, or even a retirement fund. Millennials can face these obstacles head-on and make sound financial planning decisions that set them up for a bright future.

If you’re struggling with debt, an unsecured loan or debt consolidation could be helpful. To find the right option for you, contact AmOne for financial planning advice.

Learn more by reading Michael Ruderman’s article “The Top Financial Concerns of the Urban, Educated Millennial” in the Huffington Post.