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4 Things to Know Before You Go Car Shopping

couple buying a car We’re going to say something you don’t hear very often, car shopping is easy. Think about it, usually you know what type of car you want or need, the year, model, and probably even the price.

However, when you have to figure how you’re going to finance it, what kind of down payment you need, if you want to buy the car how long you want to make payments for, and how much you can afford to pay is when things can get difficult. Keep the following things to keep in mind before you take a trip to the dealership.

Know before you go. This could mean many things, such as knowing your credit score and how much of a down payment you expect to give. You also will want to know how much you can afford to pay each month whether you’re financing a new or used car and how much you’re willing to pay for the car overall. Depending on the type of car you’re looking for you might want to shop around and know what other dealerships are asking for; get educated and don’t let a salesperson lead you in the wrong direction.

Get an auto loan before you head to the dealer. You can get approved for a loan at your local bank, credit union, or even through the car manufacturer, you don’t necessarily have to finance the car through the dealership. Another option is getting a personal loan if you plan on buying an older used car.

Signing up for a lengthy loan could be costly. A car loan for 72 months, or even 84 months, could mean cheaper payments which are appealing to everyone. Keep in mind though the longer you pay the more on interest you will pay as well. Don’t be afraid to pay more than what you owe each month or make extra payments, it could help you save in the long run.

Read the fine print, understand your loan, and ask questions. Just because you’re excited about your new wheels doesn’t mean you should just sign and go. Make sure you understand what you’re signing for and ask questions if you don’t!

The Takeaway

Buying a car, new or used, is a big financial step so it’s important to do your research, go over your finances, and choose what is best for you, not the dealership. If you’re considering getting a personal loan AmONE can help you get started. You can also check your credit scores or work on repairing your credit if you’re looking to find a loan with a low interest rate. Contact AmONE to see what financial solutions may be right for you.