How Debt and Stress Can Affect Your Health

Did you know that debt can affect your health? Debt leads to stress which can be harmful to you. Learn about the effects of stress on health from AmONE today.
man concerned how to pay for debt
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man concerned how to pay for debtOver a year ago the Associated Press conducted a poll in an effort to discover the effects of debt stress on health. According to those with high debt 27 percent were afflicted with ulcers or digestive tract problems, 44 percent suffered from migraines and headaches, and 29 percent suffered from severe anxiety. Less than half of their counterparts with less debt experienced the same health issues.

23 percent also suffered from depression and more than half experienced muscle tension. Don’t let the stress of debt get to you, AmONE can help you find the right financial solutions for you such as a debt consolidation loan or credit counseling services. Contact AmONE today to get more information. To learn more about how stress is affecting Americans take a look at the infographic below.