7 Things Debt Collectors Cannot Do

Learn what debt collectors cannot do in this article by the team at AmOne. It is important to protect yourself while reviewing your debt options.
cat demanding debt payment
By AmOne
Updated on: November 14th, 2022

cat demanding debt payment In an age where we are connected to everything and everyone, there are still some people you try to avoid. It’s easy to avoid the gamers on Facebook or the chain emails from your mother-in-law, but how is that the people you don’t want to speak to always manage to find you?

We’re talking about debt collectors who somehow always manage to reach you when you least expect it. As the digital age brings the privacy walls down, debt collectors are coming up with some inventive ways to find you or your information. It’s important that you, as a consumer, know what debt collectors cannot do.

The Federal Trade Commission has some set rules about how far these debt collectors can go — here are seven things that debt collectors cannot do.

  • Harass you, which includes repeatedly using the phone to annoy you or anyone you know in an effort to reach you.
  • Claim that you committed a crime.
  • Continue contacting you after you’ve made a formal request that they stop trying to reach you.
  • Say that if you don’t pay your debt that you will be arrested.
  • Deposit a post-dated check early, this is important to note if you plan on sending it a post-dated payment.
  • Use a fake company name.
  • Claim that they are government representatives or attorneys.

Know that your rights are protected and you can report any problems you have with a debt collector to the Federal Trade Commission or your State’s Attorney. In extreme cases where you think a debt collector has actually violated the law they can be sued. If you’re worried about how to handle debt collectors consider contacting AmOne to discuss your debt options.

Don’t let debt collectors bully you, get to know your debt options by learning more about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.