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How to Vacation on a Budget

If you’re really in need of a break just for a few days, but are on a strict budget, we're here to help you get started on planning that vacation.
family on beach vacation
Written by:
Adam Beckles
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Kristin Marino verified

family on beach vacation When it comes to taking a vacation, you’re usually not thinking about how little it’s going to cost. Vacations are expensive and if you have a family they’re even more expensive. We’ve given you some ideas for a staycation, but if you’re really in need of getting out of dodge just for a few days or weeks, we can help.

Here is a quick recap of some ways to save according to Time.

  • Be flexible when choosing a flight. The ability to fly midweek or during certain hours of the day can reduce how much it’ll cost.
  • Stop being such a tourist. Popular destinations are expensive because everyone is trying to get there, instead, fly and stay at cities nearby. A day trip could be all you need to explore that big city.
  • Skip chain hotels. Instead go for furnished condo/house rentals, hostels, or local boutique hotels.
  • Take free tours. Search around online for any free tours that may be available. We’d also recommend looking for free parks, museums, and other free activities happening at your vacation spot.
  • Bidding Wars. If you’re up for bidding on hotels or rental cars, try your hand at it and you could score a really good deal.

We also recommend using sites like Groupon, Living Social, or Travelzoo to find more deals on excursions, shows, and dining to get even more savings. If you are traveling as a family, or even just solo, you might also want to hit up the grocery store to get snacks and bottled water rather than sticking to just dining out and the expensive mini bar. Sometimes even taking out a small personal loan could be just what you need to get you and your family overseas for a once in a lifetime vacation.