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4 Ridiculous Fees Your Bank Might Be Charging You

When was the last time you looked over your bank statement? Your bank could be charging you fees you didn’t even realize existed.
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Written by:
Adam Beckles
Edited by:
Kristin Marino verified

woman putting card in atm With paperless statements becoming the way to go, looking over your bank statement isn’t a priority. It isn’t until you read on the news that your bank has decided to change their fees or is being bought out by another big bank that you think twice about it.

By now your bank could be charging you fees you didn’t even realize were possible such as the…

  • Cash deposit fee. If you have the tendency to deposit cash frequently some banks may charge you a fee as all that counting can sometimes require more “man-power”. If you’re a server who relies on tips this might be a fee to watch for.
  • Face-to-face fee. If you’re enrolled in online banking your bank could charge you for using a teller at a local branch or for attempting to complete a transaction at the branch. In some cases the bank might even connect you with a customer service rep over the phone…while you’re at the branch.
  • Lost card fees. We pay for everything these days, including replacing a debit card. No matter if you lost it, it was stolen, or need one replaced because your debit card was compromised you could have to cough up the cash to get a new card.
  • Returned mail fee. If you moved recently and forgot to change your address, your bank could slap you with a fee when their statements or notices are mailed back to the branch. Not only is it costing the bank money to mail out your stuff there is also the possibility that someone could steal your information which in turn could cause more work for the bank.

Other notable fees you might be used to seeing include a transaction fee, minimum balance fee, overdraft fee, and so one. A majority of these fees are dependent on what type of account you have which is why it’s important to figure out exactly what you’re getting when you open a new bank account.

Also be sure to keep tabs on any bank changes, your bank will likely mail you information on recent changes so don’t just set those letters to the side when you grab your mail.
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