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New Business? Small Business? There Are Loans Just For You

A start-up business loan may be the best option for you, but what if you have bad credit? Find out how you could stil get approved for a business loan.
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empty business office Starting a business can be a dream come true, especially if you have high hopes of expanding your business into a profitable corporation. Funding a start up business is one of the first steps an entrepreneur takes — unfortunately that first step might be the most difficult.

A start-up business loan may be the best option for you, but what if you have bad credit? Finding any type of loan with bad credit is difficult, so let’s find out how you might go about getting approved for a business loan if you have bad credit.

First, know what your costs are going to be. It’s better to know how much you have to ask for than overestimate and be denied because you asked for too much. Part of this involves breaking down how much the loan will be and what you plan on using it for.

Secondly, shop around; you don’t necessarily need to go with the first lender that approves you. AmONE® is a free service that can assist you in finding the right start-up business loan at an interest rate within your means.

Planning on opening a business with a partner, spouse, or family member? It might be a good idea to have them co-sign the loan. If you or your business partner decides to co-sign a loan, find out the risks. Co-signing a loan could affect a person’s credit, the signer may have to pay the debt is the borrower defaults, and if you provide collateral those items may be taken. Know the risks and your rights if you co-sign a loan or plan to have a co-signer.

If your credit isn’t in good standing, maybe it’s time for a fresh start. Credit repair services can help you improve your credit scores and, in time, you might be able to get the loan you need with a better interest rate. Although the process may take a bit of time, you can use that timee it to prepare and plan your business strategy.

Secured loans are another option. Start-up business loans may be available secured or unsecured, but a secured loan means you will put collateral up to ensure you will pay off your debts. Borrowers might use their home, car, boat or other items to secure the loan. Keep in mind that if you fail to pay back the loan the collateral will be seized.

The Takeaway

There are over 25 million small businesses in the United States. Each day many entrepreneurs take another step into opening their own small business, some with good credit and some with bad. Having bad credit doesn’t have to mean the end of a dream; you just have to know how to go about getting approved for a loan if you have a bad credit. AmONE® can assist you in achieving your small business dream by finding a lender that is right for you. If credit repair or credit counseling is an option, AmONE can also assist you in getting connected with the right services. Contact us today to learn more.