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How to Save on Homeowner’s Insurance

Discover how to save on homeowner's insurance with some simple home improvements. These easy home insurance tips can help bring your premiums down.
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By Rachel Lewin
Updated on: November 7th, 2022

umbrella over house Home owner’s insurance is something you have to have, or at least, that you should have. However, just because it’s something you need doesn’t mean it should be something that eats up half your paycheck.

Yahoo! made note of some ways to try to control your insurance costs and we’re here to explain why these home insurance tips could bring your premiums down. Keep in mind that sometimes controlling the costs means having to spend a little more now.

  • Making home improvements is one of the obvious ways to cut down your costs. Getting a home surge protector, installing extra smoke/co2 detectors, and even installing a fence can change your premium costs. By making improvements you’re showing your insurer that you’re doing your best to protect your home from disaster. Make sure you tell your carrier about the upgrades you’ve made too.
  • Raising your deductible is a pretty popular piece of advice. Since insurance is meant to cover big losses, your deductible should also be higher. That being said, don’t sweat the small stuff because if you make continual claims on small ticket items it could drive your rates up.
  • Protect your home from natural disasters. Using reinforcements like hurricane proof windows, updated heating, plumbing, and electrical equipment to better prevent fire and water destruction. Again you’re showing your insurance company that you’re doing all that you can to safeguard your home.
  • Don’t include the land your home is on in the value of the home. It’s home insurance and keeping your home in tip top shape is the most important part of it, not the land it’s on.
  • Get rid of coverage you don’t need. Although Mother Nature has made us rethink where natural disasters can strike there are still certain types of coverage you won’t need in certain areas so just be sure to get the coverage you need rather than assume you’ll need.

You should be reviewing your policy every once in a while or speaking with your insurer about how you can improve your home to lower your premiums.

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