How To Find the Right Bank Statement Financing Loans for 2023

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What Is Bank Statement Financing?

Do you need working capital for your business or are you looking for a way to boost your business cash flow? Depending on how you accept payments from your customers, your options will vary. For those business owners who operate a cash only business or who accept checks from their customers, it can feel like your financing options are limited. There’s still a way for you to get the capital your business needs. If your business does not accept credit cards, or if you’ve already been turned down by a bank for a traditional unsecured business loan, bank statement financing (BSF) can still allow you to obtain the financing you’re looking for.

Bank statement financing programs (also referred to as automated clearing house or ACH financing) look at the total amounts of deposits you receive in your business checking account. IF a business owner has more than one business checking account, they can use multiple accounts to qualify.

A good rule of thumb is the higher the balances, the higher the approval amount from the bank statement loan company. Typically, the requirements for bank statement loans are much like a merchant cash advance. The only difference is instead of the loan being based off your credit card statements, the approval for this type of loan is based on three to six months of business bank statements.

One of the benefits of bank statement financing over a merchant cash advance is that generally a bank statement loan is reported to the credit agencies, helping you to build your credit score, while a merchant cash advance isn’t reported.

Additional documentation that may be required are tax returns and, depending on the company providing the loan, a lease agreement. The terms on this type of loan can range between three to 18 months depending on the time in business and the average daily balance deposited into the business checking account.

What Are The Requirements for a Bank Statement Loan?

Bank statement loan programs typically require that you meet complicated criteria like having a certain debt service coverage ratio (this is the cash flow you have available to pay your debt, including the interest rate) or liquidity ratio (this is used to determine if your business is able to pay off its debts). Bank statement loans can give you access to the cash flow you need quickly simply based on the strength of your business. The general requirements include:

  • You need to be in business for a year to qualify for most bank statement loan programs, although certain lenders will accept six months in business
  • FICO® scores above 500 are usually considered
  • You must have an average daily balance in your business checking account of $1,500 or more
  • You must be profitable, showing that the total amount deposited is greater than the total amount withdrawn in a given month
  • You must have very few non-sufficient funds (NSF) on your business account every month
  • No collateral is required

Is Bank Statement Financing Is Right For Your Business?

If you’re not sure whether or not bank statement loans are the right solution for your business, AmONE is here to help. You can always call us to get the assistance you need free of charge and of no obligation to you. Our financial search specialists will work with you to determine the type of financing your business needs. We will match you with a highly rated provider based on the prior experiences and reviews from business owners like yourself.

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