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3 Weird Ways Students are Paying for College

With college costs continually on the rise it’s no surprise that some students are finding new ways to get the money they need.
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With college costs continually on the rise many students are getting crafty about finding the funds they need. Student debt continues to grow and has actually surpassed credit card debt. Sadly the number of delinquent student loan accounts has also surpassed that of credit card account.

With such info out there it’s no surprise that students would much rather pay for their schooling with cold hard cash. Unfortunately most jobs available to college students amidst a busy schedule don’t exactly pay well and it could take months for a student to save up enough money for one semester. Due to costs and low wages some students are turning to interesting methods.

Sperm and egg donation has grown amongst college men and women. Men can get upwards of $1,200 per month for donating their sperm which could add up to over $14,000 a year. College women are donating their eggs although that is a more complicated procedure. Women may go through an egg donation procedure up to four times a year, but they may be eligible to receive up to $8,000 per donation cycle. All in all a female college student could receive $32,000 a year for egg donations.

Another odd trend seems to be finding a sugar daddy. Yes, you read correctly. College women are turning to websites where they can get connected with wealthier gentlemen who are looking for companionship. For your companionship they are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. Many of the gentlemen will pay for gifts, vacations, or your college tuition.

Medical testing is another option for aspiring college students. You’ve seen the ads in newspapers and possibly on Craigslist for trying new medical treatments, drugs, weight loss programs, etc. It can take a toll on the body, but students could earn as much as $3,000 per study. Hey, that’s enough for an average semester of college.

If you’re not into any of these solutions, taking out student loans or a personal loan to cover your college expenses may be a suitable option. There is no time limit for finishing a college degree, sometimes taking only the amount of courses you can afford is the best option.