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The Small Business Tool That Lets You Scope Out the Competition

The Small Business Administration has been a source of help for many small business owners; now, it can also show how your business compares to others.
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Written by:
Adam Beckles
Edited by:
Kristin Marino verified

open for business signThe Small Business Administration has been a source of help for many small business owners. Whether they helped you find a small business loan, attended to your needs after a natural disaster, or just connected you with free resources, they can help your business be the best it can be.

Now in order to help you figure out how your business does compared to others, the SBA has an easy to use widget highlighted in Entrepreneur that can give you just that information. If you’re the competitive type who strives to be the best of the best, SizeUp is the tool for you.

You can start by selecting what industry you’re in and the city is it located in. From there you can…

  • Compare your revenue to competitors in other cities, counties, and states.
  • See what other small businesses were started the same year as yours.
  • Look for wholesalers and distributors in your area.
  • Compare how much you’re paying your workers to other companies’ salaries.
  • Look for the best areas to market your business.

The information provided, according to the SBA, is sent to them though so keep that in mind. If you also want to see the full results you’ll need to sign in and provide an email address. This tool is great if you’re looking to find a new direction for your business or the right direction for a new business.