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Saving Money on Moving Costs

Moving to a new house or apartment? Learn how to move cheaply in this article by the team at AmONE! Our tips and tricks will help you move affordably.
couple packing moving boxes
Written by:
Adam Beckles
Edited by:
Kristin Marino verified

couple packing moving boxesWhen the time comes to move to a new house or apartment there are some steps you should take to make the move easier on you physically, mentally and financially. Moving is one of the most stressful parts of buying or renting a new home.

Here are a few affordable moving ideas that will help you keep the stress levels down and help you move cheaply.

It is Time to Get Rid of Old and Unused Items

Look through all your cabinets, closets, garage and attic for items you no longer use. Doing this will minimize the amount you have to pack and move, which will also make your move more affordable. The more you have to move, the larger the truck and the longer it will take to move which drives the cost up. If you have not used an item for three months it might be a good time to get rid of it.

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Sell, Donate, or Throw Out Items

Besides appliances and furniture there are smaller items in your home that when put together become quite heavy. CDs, DVDs and books can make your boxes heavier while moving. You can digitize your music and movies then you can sell or donate the discs. If you have already read the books you have you can donate them to the public library.

If you are not planning on bringing your furniture with you then a pick-up service will save you time and money. The Salvation Army, Goodwill or Freecycle are good ways to have your furniture go to people who need it.

If you are looking to make some money off the items you no longer use or need, consider having a garage sale before your move. If you don’t have a yard sale you can use eBay or Craigslist to sell your items. This is another simple way to help you move cheaply.

Save Money on Packing

Keep your newspapers and magazines to help pack up your breakable items. Wrapping your glasses and dishes in newspaper will save you money on bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Boxes can become one of those hidden costs of packing. If boxes cost $1.45 per box and you need 55 boxes this will run you $72. If you can get boxes from work, the supermarket or even Craigslist, you will be able to save. If you do all the packing yourself, this will also cut down on the amount of time you will need the movers, who work at an hourly rate.

Another tip for an easy, affordable move is to start the process a few weeks or even months before you move. Do a little spring cleaning every year, this will help de-clutter your life and make the big moving day go smoother and hopefully be cost effective.

The Takeaway

Even after learning how to move cheaply, you may find that there are still additional moving costs to cover. In that case, a personal loan might be a good option if you’re moving cross country. If so, it is worth the investment to talk to a knowledgeable associate from AmONE, many of which are also unsecured loan specialists (especially since the call is free and they won’t try to sell you anything). You can find out how to reach them here.