A couple review their expenses while looking at their computer at the kitchen table

With Rising Interest Rates, Is Now a Good Time For a Personal Loan?

In an effort to control rising inflation, in mid-September the Federal Reserve implemented a 0.75% hike to its benchmark interest rate. This is the fifth rate hike in 2022, and more increases could be coming before the end of the year. Higher interest rates affect a wide swath of consumer debt–including credit cards, home, auto, […]

A couple sits in front of their computer as they look at the bills they have to pay

Should I Get a Balance Transfer Card?

High-interest debt can be frustrating to deal with, especially if you’re trying to turn things around with your finances. Trying to tackle debt when you have high interest rates on your balances can lower your chances of overall success with your efforts. One way to make debt a little more manageable is to use a […]

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Can You Avoid Personal Loan Fees?

A personal loan can be an excellent tool to help you consolidate debt, cover a financial emergency, pay for a large expense, and more. Unfortunately, many lenders charge fees on their personal loans that either reduce the amount you’ll receive or increase your principal, costing you more money over time. Luckily, it’s possible to avoid […]

Questions to Ask Before You Consolidate Your Debt

Debt can be an obstacle to achieving your financial goals, especially if you’re paying high interest rates. Consolidating debt payments could help you to pay off what you owe faster and potentially save money on interest charges. Debt consolidation allows you to combine multiple debts into one. Learn the most important questions to ask about […]

A woman with a worried expression talks to a debt collector on the phone

What to Do About Debt Collectors and Collection Calls

Owing a debt can feel stressful, especially when you’re behind on your payments. Once you’re late with even one payment, debt collectors constantly call, making you dread the very sound of your ringtone. You don’t have to put up with calls at all hours of the day and night. You don’t even need to take […]