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How To: Save Money During Summer Vacation

Do you have an amazing vacation planned for summer? At AmONE, we have summer money saving tips that will help you make the most of your time off. Learn how to save on your vacation today!
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family on vacation With the first official day of summer approaching and classes out of session, most people will be heading somewhere for vacation. While vacation can be a much needed break from work and equally needed time to spend with family and friends, it can also be stressful due to one thing: money.

Going on vacation can cost money, but there are ways that you can vacation without feeling like you are missing out on the experience. It does require some planning, and hopefully you have budgeted and saved money in advance, but if you haven’t, we have some summer money saving tips (and an infographic) that should help you lower those travel costs.

There’s An App For That

Whether you’re taking to the road or to the skies, if you have a smartphone you can find an app that will help save you both money and time. Between the Apple™ iTunes® Store, Google® Play for Android™ users, and Microsoft® Windows Phone applications, there is bound to be a travel app that can help you save on vacations. Ranging from official airline and hotel apps to gasoline price locators, there are smartphone applications for every aspect of travel, including maps and directions. Make sure you check the app store for your particular mobile device for ways to save.

Note: Before downloading any app, be sure to read through user reviews to see if there have been any problems. Also, many apps are offered for free, so start with those before spending any money.

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Review Your Credit Cards

If you’re going to be putting most of your travel expenses on a credit card, make sure it’s the right credit card. Be sure to review the terms and conditions, as well as the interest rate. If you have rewards credit cards, considering using one for your travel. As long as you’re on time with your payments and will be able to pay off the balance, why not take advantage of any rewards or loyalty points you’d receive in using the card? See our list of recommended credit cards for professional suggestions!

Learn When To Make Reservations

Booking a flight or a hotel can be more expensive depending on when you make the arrangements. Everything from the time of day to the day of the week can make the difference in terms of price. For example, when it comes to flying, buying your ticket two months in advance is usually the best time to get the lowest price. Also, scheduling your flight to depart on a Tuesday can also help you save on vacation costs. When it comes to making a hotel reservation, the following infographic can help you determine the best time and way to save money.

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