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The Full Costs of Financial Recovery During and After Illness

A large number - 32% - of personal bankruptcies are due to medical debt. AmONE speaks with experts on how you can financially recovery from serious illness.
recover from medical debt
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recover from medical debt Join AmONE and best selling author and finance expert Tarra Jackson for #CashChat on Friday, April 18th, at 12:00 PM EST for a discussion on financial recovery from medical debt.

In the United States, 62 percent of personal bankruptcies are the result of medical bills. Tarra Jackson, along with her special guests the Patient Advocacy Foundation (PAF) and the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation/Saving Eliza, will talk about the impact that a serious illness can have on your finances. We’ll also share insights on ways to work with insurance companies, healthcare systems, employers, and alternative forms of financing to get much needed treatment that isn’t covered by health insurance.

Please join us on Spreecast and Twitter for this live event. You can also watch along below.