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Financial Lessons You Should Know by Age 30

Learn the top financial lessons by age 30 to build a strong foundation with expert advice on budgeting, investing, and debt management. Set up your goals.
Happy 30th Birthday
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Happy 30th Birthday By the time you hit 30 you think you’re going to have it all figured out, granted that’s also what you said about 20 and 25. The older we get the more likely you are to believe that you’ll have it figured out by your next milestone birthday, but the truth hurts and its time you come to terms with reality.

Yahoo! created a list of lies you need to stop telling yourself by the age of 30. Many of the points are general and correct, but there are a few that might not be so much as a lie, but a minor hiccup before the age of 30.

You do need to handle your finances because they won’t just magically correct themselves. You have to prepare for retirement as soon as possible instead of relying on your future income. Don’t take the next big step whether it’s marriage or buying a home just because everyone else has– this isn’t high school. Also, don’t be afraid to learn more about investing; you don’t need to become a stock broker but knowing the basics can help you get started.

However Yahoo! does mention that you shouldn’t dress like you did in your 20s and that dressing for success is the way to go. While you should dress for success, don’t stand out in the crowd. A lot of tech companies or online companies have a more casual policy so don’t throw out your college digs just yet.

Another lesson is that just because you’re approved for new credit doesn’t mean you can handle it. We suggest that you not be afraid of new credit though, especially if you’re working on building your credit. You need to know how to handle new credit cards and limits responsibly at any age, doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 50.

No one wants to hate their job, but let’s be frank; when you’re climbing the corporate ladder sometimes you have to take a job that might not fit so well. Why? Because you need experience. Some older adults are going back to school which means there is a higher chance you’ll have to deal with some internships or jobs that are not your favorite.

As with all life lessons most of these are ones you could learn with time, it’s worth taking a look at what you should learn now before hitting the big 3-0. To read more, visit Yahoo!