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4 Websites for Freebies

In an effort to “upcycle” and stop filling landfills with unwanted items many people are turning to the internet to give away their used stuff.
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By Rachel Lewin
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

free stuff sign Nothing is ever free, or at least, that is how the saying goes. However, there are ways you can get things for free like free samples, mail-in rebates, buy 1 get 1 free sale, and so on. These days there are actually many ways to get things for free.

In an effort to stop filling landfills with unwanted items many people are turning to the internet to give out their unwanted belongings. From TVs to gently used clothing to furniture you could find what you need for free.

  • – While wading through the sea that is craigslist is never ideal, you can really come across some good deals and freebies. Many people use the site to let others know when they have left something on their street curb that is free for pick up before the city dump claims it. Others may be moving and cannot take all their stuff with them nor can they get buyers to pay for it so it is free to whoever wants it. Craigslist is full of the good, and bad, so try looking for posts that have photos available.
  • – Freecycle is less than a decade old and survives on participants “gifting” anything from textbooks, to office furniture, to wine corks. You can search by state and city which will bring up a listing of “free” items in your area. You may be able to browse items, however, for some cities you may have to sign up for Freecycle which is free as well. Some groups are also stored within Yahoo! Groups, if you want to browse you will have to ask to become a group member to view the listings.
  • – Depending on your age you might remember the term “barter”; follows the rules of the barter system. Trade in what you have for what you want. Swap is a little more work Freecycle or Craigslist as it relies on you making a deal for what you need or want, however, it sweetens the deal as you can get something for what you no longer want rather than just give it away. You can search near or far, meet in person or mail your items.
  • – The popular website may not be the first place you’d go to for something free, but YouTube is a great learning source with a wide array of topics available. Learn to change a tire, apply make-up, speak French, or how to crochet. The site is an immense source for learning something new that could save you money, such as doing your own oil change. Just try not to get distracted by all the cat videos.
  • The Takeaway

    When it comes to meeting anyone online, even if it is just for a free piece of furniture, use your instincts and be smart about who you choose to meet and where. Online freebies can be a great resource for new homeowners who need furniture or a start-up business in need of office furniture. If you’re in need of financial assistance, AmOne can help you find a solution that is right for you. Whether it is a small business loan or personal loan, get the financing you need to buy new or used goods.