Take the Free Credit IQ Test

Test your credit knowledge with this quiz! AmOne's free credit card quiz will help you find out just how much you know about managing your money.
By Christie Petersen
Updated on: November 14th, 2022

quiz sign Find out how much you know about managing your money (credit) by taking the Free AmOne Credit Knowledge Test. Answer each question with the response that best describes you. Try not to think too much into the question as your first response is typically closer to how you normally act (even knowing that you may not be making the best decision).

Credit Card Knowledge Quiz

When do you usually to pay your credit card bills?

  1. As soon as they’re received
  2. On or as close to the due date as possible
  3. I don’t always pay on time (I may even miss a few months)

How much of your credit card bills do you pay each month?

  1. I try to pay it all or at least as much as I can but always more than the minimum amount due
  2. I pay the minimum payment
  3. I’m not paying my credit card bills at the moment

How much of a balance do you typically carry on each of your credit cards?

  1. Zero – I pay it all off each month
  2. Half or less of my available credit
  3. I’m maxed out!

How much of your income goes to pay credit card bills?

  1. Less than 10% of my monthly income
  2. Approximately 11-20% of my monthly income
  3. More than 20% of my monthly income (choose this option if someone else pays your credit card bills)

Do you know how much total credit card debt you hold?

  1. Absolutely
  2. More or less
  3. No… and I don’t want to know

If you chose “1” for any of the questions, you’re using your credit wisely. Congratulations!

If you chose “2” for any of the questions, you should reevaluate your spending and find to identify ways to pay down your debt. You’re on the right path which means some small changes could really pay off big for you. Consolidation loans for bigger debts or to wrap up your smaller ones could also be an option you’ll want to explore.

If you chose “3” for any of the questions, you’ll want to stop and reevaluate everything. Before you continue to spend, examine your income, priorities and credit obligations. Even if you’re not the person paying the credit card bills, you could still be paying the price. Worse yet, whoever is making your credit card payments for you could be putting their credit record at risk as well.

The Takeaway

After taking this credit card quiz, you may decide that spending countless hours learning the ins-and-outs of “credit” and researching all the things you could do to repair yours could be better spent doing things you actually enjoy or spending time with friends and family. If so, it is worth the investment to talk to a knowledgeable associate from AmOne, many of which are also unsecured loan specialists (especially since the call is free and they won’t try to sell you anything). You can find out how to reach them here.