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7 Ways to Stop Overspending in 2013

There are a few ways you might be overspending without realizing it. For some us there are day-to-day expenses that by year’s end can cost hundreds.
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By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

wallet locked with chains Now is the time to start working on a new budget which means figuring out where you can cut costs. Are you looking to enroll in a credit counseling program and need to know how much you can afford, or just looking to save more for retirement? Budget your money and you will be on your way.

If you’re not new to budgeting then you know how the process works, but it is still time to look over your monthly expenses. There are a few ways you might be overspending without realizing it. For some us there are monthly or day-to-day expenses that by year’s end can cost hundreds – don’t let that happen to you. Here are 7 ways to cut your expenses down in 2013.

When you go into any retailer to get a new phone, tablet, or even laptop you’ll want to buy accessories for your new gadget. It’s time to stop buying tech accessories at full-price. Waiting a few days won’t hurt and ordering them online could save you quite a bit of money.

Speaking of technology, when was the last time you checked your data and phone usage? Many people sign a contract and never think twice about changing their plan. Go over your cell phone contract and talk to a rep to see if you can change your plan around. If you’re due for a contract renewal it might even be time to shop around for a new carrier.

Your internet provider might have hooked you up with a modem at home, but if you’re “renting” it consider buying one of your own. The cost of a new modem, especially online, is likely to be much less than the cost of renting one annually.

If you got rid of your cable to save money you may be using online services to catch up on your favorite shows. Although these subscriptions might be less than a cable bill you should not need more than one. Find the services that are right for you and don’t worry if you miss a season, you can rent it when it’s released.

Don’t forget to check when your rewards, points, and miles expire. Some may only be around for a full year so be sure to use those up by December 31st.

Dry cleaning is an often used, but often forgotten expense. Although there are some items that are dry clean only, consider buying your own tools such as a steamer to do the job at home instead.

If you haven’t bundled your services, 2013 might be the year to do so. There are several ways to do this such as bundling your internet, cell phone, and TV services. You could also bundle your home and car insurance. Research what savings you could get by bundling your various services and again, shop around if it’s the right time to do so.