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Where Does Your State Rate On Car Insurance?

For the most and least expensive states for car insurance in 2013, Louisiana comes in at number one, followed by Michigan and Georgia.
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By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

car insurance policy If you live in Louisiana, you’re in luck — sort of. It turns out that the Bayou State is number one in the nation…for the highest car insurance rates on the country. Michigan comes in second and Georgia is third in a recent state-by-state comparison of car insurance premiums.

Who has the lowest car insurance rates in the United States? That honor goes to Maine, followed by Iowa.

So why are the car insurance rates between Louisiana (which has an average annual premium of $2,700 per driver) and Maine (an annual $934) wildly different? Among the many factors that go into calculating car insurance rates are the driving conditions, the number of drivers uninsured, the number of insurance agencies and companies there are (more competition typically leads to better rates for consumers), and even the way in which the states themselves have their insurance systems structured.

The national average for car insurance premiums is a little over $1,500 a year. Maryland sits just above the average and North Dakota just below it.

If you happen to live in a region that has higher premiums than the rest of the country, AmOne has resources available for you to find a better car insurance rate. W specialize in assisting people like you find the right insurance policy for your financial situation, no matter what type of vehicle you need covered.