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More Ways to Save on Your Grocery Bill

We have provided some tips on lowering your grocery bill before and have found some more ways that you can save on food costs.
woman shopping at grocery store
By AmOne
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

woman shopping at grocery store Many consumers are turning towards coupon clipping, making a list, and planning ahead to lower their grocery bill. More online coupon sites have begun popping up and some grocery stores are accepting coupons from competitors allowing their customers to maximize their savings.

We have provided some tips on lowering your grocery bill before and have found some more ways that you can save on food costs.

  • Live off your pantry. If you’re not one to skip sales, chances are your pantry is full of unused items or random extras. Plan your meals around what you have in your pantry one week. Buy minimally in an effort to use what you have rather than waste food.
  • Buy wholesale. There are pros and cons to buying whole sale, one of the larger ones being that you have to pay for a yearly membership. However, if you’re like one of many households who have parents, children, and grandparents living under one roof buying in bulk could be extremely helpful. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of trial periods either; many companies will give you a trail period for 60 days to see if whole sale shopping is right for you.
  • Shop separately. Sometimes consumers will drive around town looking for the best deal, which is not what we recommend. However, if there is a pharmacy or other convenience story right next to your local grocer don’t be afraid to compare prices and see who has the better deal on certain items.
  • Shop locally. Check out what your local stores have to offer, you might find a butcher or a green market that has just what you need at lower costs. Developing relationships with your community can be very positive and you’ll be giving back to your community by shopping locally.
  • Cook More. For many putting a home cooked meal on the table is difficult due to time constraints, but you could save yourself money by doing so. Consider making crock pot meals or large freezable portions from scratch to save. You could also consider prepping your meals ahead of time and freezing them, then cooking them once you are home. While you can save money, don’t overwhelm yourself if you simply don’t have the time to cook from scratch.

As the price of food continues to grow, Americans continue to spend more and more on their weekly groceries. Saving as much as you can is something you can ease into, especially if you’re trying to manage your debt. AmOne can help you find resources for debt management and credit counseling if you’re in need of financial help. Contact AmOne today to learn more.