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Your Guide to Post-Holiday Shopping

If you managed to spend less during the holidays and are looking to save more next year, now might be the time to look for those post-holiday sales.
post holiday super sale sign
By Susan Barnes
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

post holiday super sale sign Now that the majority of the gift-giving holidays are over, many are looking to get back to lower credit card balances and adding back the funds to their savings account. If you think it’s time to put away your credit cards and reel back the spending, you might want to consider waiting until the New Year.

This is certainly not promoting spending more than you have, but if you managed to spend less during the holidays and are looking to save more next year then now might be the time to spend. Many retailers offer post-holiday sales that in some cases can lead to better deals than ones you would find on Black Friday.

There are plenty of eye-catching post-holiday sales out there, but here are a few of your best bets.

  • Winter Apparel. For many the true winter months are still to come, now might be the time to look for a good coat.
  • Toys. The less popular holiday toys are likely to go on sale to make way for any new toys. You’re also likely to find holiday/limited edition toys on sale as well.
  • Holiday décor. If you were thinking about using a faux tree to save money, now is one of the best times to buy it. Consider craft stores as they may be discounted at a higher rate than retailer stores. Some stores, such as Michael’s, might also let you use coupons in addition to the big discount. Also check out the discounts on ornaments, lights, stockings, holiday themed tableware, etc.
  • Holiday gifting items. If you ran out of wrapping paper, gift boxes, and ribbon this is another good time to buy it.
  • Holiday food items. We do not suggest buying that boxed fruitcake. However, holiday themed packaging like cupcake liners and themed bakeware might be a good idea. You could also consider buying holiday candy and boxed mixes which can be re-purposed for other celebrations.
  • Electronics. The first week on January marks the beginning of the consumer electronics show meaning all the latest and greatest electronics will be unveiled. Expect many stores to start discounting “old” models of TVs, laptops, PCs, digital cameras, and more.

While we’re not suggesting you go on a shopping spree or take out a personal loan to get your post-holiday shopping in, consider buying some items now to be one step ahead of the holiday season in 2013.