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4 Times It Pays to Procrastinate

Waiting until last minute doesn’t have to be a bad thing, here are a few ways that procrastinating can actually save you money.
it pays to wait
By AmOne
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

it pays to wait The early bird catches the worm is standard cliché about arriving early and succeeding. There are many of us though who can identify as procrastinators, those of us who wait until last minute to accomplish our tasks. The adage for us goes: Procrastinators unite…tomorrow.

All jokes aside, there are plenty of times when waiting until the last minute pays off. Think about all the deals you find on clearance and how you’re able to avoid the Black Friday madness. Waiting until last minute doesn’t have to be a bad thing, here are a few ways that procrastinating can actually save you money.

When it comes to buying a car there are two ways waiting until last minute helps. First off, waiting to buy a new car despite having paid off your old one means you have extra time to set money aside. Set aside as much as possible and drive your car for as long as it lasts. Do not skim out on car repairs though, if you plan to trade in your old car you want it in as best condition as possible. Waiting for the 2nd year of a new model can also help as you won’t have to deal with pesky recalls and are likely to save money by not getting the latest model.

It shouldn’t come as surprise that clothing is another item you can wait until last minute to buy. Buying clothes once it is out of season is a good strategy; you can even wait until later in a season to find good deals. For example, if you need new winter clothing consider waiting until December or January when the season is almost over and you’ll likely find better deals.

Finding last minute deals on travel can be very tricky. It is best to find the right window for when airline tickets are least expensive, but if you’re a single traveler waiting to book a hotel room or rental car at the last minute could help you save money. Many hotels want to sell out the hotel as best as they can and are more likely to offer you a good deal if you book last minute.

Waiting for entertainment until last minute can also be difficult. When everyone is talking about the latest movies or TV shows you might not be able to chip in. However, waiting to rent movies nowadays is much cheaper than going to see them at the theater. Popular tourist destinations also tend to discount show tickets in order to sell out the show as best as possible.

While it isn’t good to wait until last minute for everything, there are certain times where it can help save you money. Just keep in mind that sometimes that good deal you spot may actually be the best so scoop it up when you can.