Would You Pay $100,000 for a Credit Card?

The Visa Infinite Exclusive Card is a $100,000 credit card, but is it worth the cost?
hundred thousand dollars
By Susan Barnes
Updated on: November 14th, 2022

hundred thousand dollars When you think about an expensive credit card, the American Express black card is likely to come to mind. With an annual fee of $2,500, a supposed one time fee of $7,500, and nonexistent credit limit, the black Amex is considered an elite card. Now, meet the Visa Infinite Exclusive Card, the $100,000 credit card.

A Kazakhstani bank plans to offer the bank card to customers willing to drop $100,000 on it along with the $2,000 annual fee. Cardholders must also have a minimum of $35,000 in the bank account associated with the card. So what makes this card so special?

Shell out the money and you’ll have a card made of pure gold, 26 diamonds, and mother of pearl. The card also comes with a free iPhone 5 and Mount Blanc card holder. If that isn’t enough a few of the perks included life and health insurance worth over $250,000, lounge access to airports, discounts at restaurants and hotels, concierge services, and more. Additionally customers can expect late fees to be waived which is a perk many consumers would love.

According to the head of Visa in Kazakhstan, the card “opens its doors to the owners of exclusive services and privileges.”

If you’re not interested in the $100,000 card there’s also the J.P. Morgan Palladium Card made of 23 karat gold and palladium. It is all yours after you pay a $595 yearly fee; and make sure you can spend $250,000 each year because that is a requirement. Keep in mind that you do get roadside assistance, insurance in case of a hotel burglary, and waived foreign transaction fees as a perk. Another option is the Dubai First Royale MasterCard which has no annual fee or spending limit and is made of gold and diamonds.

Although the cards offer many perks and you can spend beyond belief, they don’t come with credit repair which you just might need after all the money you paid to get the card.