How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

couple reviewing cell phone bill For some of us getting that dreaded cell phone bill is the worst way to either start or end the month. Each year it seems to steadily climb higher and higher.

No matter how hard you try sometimes getting your cell phone bill under control seems like an impossible feat. We’re here to tell you it’s not impossible and Consumer Reports has a few tips for getting your cell phone bill under control this year.

  • Buy what you need. This seems like a simple concept but we mean buy just enough minutes, data, and text messages you need. We tend to buy more than we need thinking we might go over, but a lot of the time it’s just making you waste money. Many give their customers the chance to be notified before they go over their minutes, text messages, and data so you don’t really need to worry about getting charged extra.
  • Adjust your billing as needed. By now you’re likely to have been using a cell phone for close to a decade so you kind of know your own patterns. Unless your carrier charges you for changing your plan too much, try to adjust it once a year.
  • Find available discounts. Consumer Reports suggests checking with your employer but we suggest also checking with your gym, alumni association, or other membership groups and associations. See what discounts might be available to you, even just by asking your carrier might try to work with you to lower your monthly bill.

One suggestion to add to the list is to…

  • Bundle up. Try bundling your services if you can or using a family plan to lower your bill; no you don’t necessarily need to be family to use the plan. If you have a significant other, very close friend, or roommate using a family plan could help each of you get your bill down. This will require some strategic planning though because you might have to share minutes, data, messaging, etc. Oh, and make sure the other person is responsible enough that you won’t be stuck paying the full bill every “once in a while”.

Consumer reports shares a few other tips for getting your cell phone bill under control this year, see if they’re a right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to shop around either, especially if your carrier isn’t willing to work with you.