Kickstarter Takes Crowd Funding Mobile

crowd funding onlineKickstarter’s new mobile application for their crowd-funding platform has taken fundraising on the go. While some might say that Kickstarter is late to the party (AgriyaCrowdFund, Sportfunder, UInvest, CampaignLeader and Benevolent are some of the applications found in the iTunes App Store), Kickstarter is the highest profiled player in the crowd-funding space.

Kickstarter’s mobile app, released yesterday, is exclusively for Apple’s iOS. So far there is no word as to when the company will create an app for Google’s Android OS or for Microsoft’s Windows Phone. There is the possibility that there may be a mobile website on the horizon, but no statement from Kickstarter.

“To make the Kickstarter app, we took things we’ve learned from the past three years of building Kickstarter and used them to redesign the experience from the ground up,” the company said in a blog post.

“We focused on three things in particular: finding new projects, keeping up to date with projects you’ve already backed, and offering great tools for creators.”

Kickstarter For iPhone
Kickstarter For iPhone is a free download from the iTunes App Store.