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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Don't be someone who gives up on their New Year's resolution on January 2nd. Learn how to keep your New Year's resolutions from the team at AmOne today!
happy new year
By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

happy new year In 2018 you resolve to change things, to do things differently; you and the millions of others who make New Year’s resolutions every year. Each year though, many of us will slip up and rather than start fresh the next day we count it as a failure thinking “next year” you’ll go through with these big changes.

No matter if your goal is losing weight, getting rid of credit card debt or sticking to your budget, to keep your New Year’s resolutions, you have to not only have a plan but also have the resources to meet your goals. Let’s go over the three most popular new year’s resolutions and how you can try to stick to them.

    1. Lose weight/eat healthy. You might want to lose weight whereas someone else might want to take up a new sport. Either way you need the resources for personal training lessons, a membership to a new adult athletic league, new gear, and of course healthy food to stock your pantry. Keep in mind that developing healthy habits doesn’t happen overnight so consider taking small steps toward achieving your New Year’s goals rather than diving in on January 1st.
    2. Get rid of debt/spend less/save more. We always say this is a top priority goal, but unfortunately expenses tend to come with life changes. As we just noted if you plan on eating healthier food or exercising it could lead to more expenses. Remember to take small steps towards getting rid of debt and saving more. If you have credit card debt, consider using the snowball method. The snowball method is quick to show progress as you pay off your lowest debts first; as your debts get paid off the amount of bills you receive drop giving you a sense of accomplishment. If you want to save more, revise your budget after you have figured out how much you may have to spend to keep your other resolutions. If your debt is simply too much, you may want to consider using a personal loan to consolidate your debt.
    3. Get a new job/go back to school. While they may not go hand-in-hand most people seek to better themselves either by going back to school, getting a new job, or doing both. If this is your New Year’s goal you need to make sure you look into what resources are available to you such as scholarships and grants. A personal loan could help you cover additional expenses like textbooks, supplies, and fees.

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions many of us tend to forget that we also need the resources to accomplish them. Sometimes people quit before they even start when they realize that you need one to accomplish the other. Don’t let anything hold you back in 2018. AmOne can help you find the resources you need to keep your New Year’s resolutions. Contact AmOne today to see how they can help you have a successful year.