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5 Things You Could Buy Instead of an iPad Mini

Whether you have an iPad, or simply want one, here are five things you can buy with the same amount of money you'd use to buy an iPad mini.
skip the ipad mini
By Rachel Lewin
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

skip the ipad mini Yesterday’s big announcement from Apple was at the chagrin of anyone who bought the iPad 3 just a few months ago. Indeed there was a Twitter backlash from those who were unhappy that their 6 month old iPad would now be considered outdated.

If you’re a tech geek who needs every new device it’s pretty hard to pass up a tablet that is thinner, lighter, and comes with a new charger. The only thing Apple didn’t shrink was the price. The Wifi-only 16GB model is $329 which is about $70 less than the iPad 2 and $170 less than the iPad with retina display. Whether you have an iPad, or simply want one, here are five things you can buy instead of an iPad mini.

  • A Kindle Fire HD with a $100 gift card. If you need your tech fix, a kindle fire tablet HD with 16GB runs less than $200. at the cost of the iPad mini you’d have enough to buy one tablet along with a gift card and still have money left over.
  • 2 iPod Nanos. Since Apple greatly enjoys springing as many new gadgets as they can before the holidays the new iPod Nano was unveiled several weeks ago, with the price of the iPad mini you could buy 2 of them and a few apps.
  • Over 90 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Who needs that many boxes of cookies? Probably the people who bought the iPad 3 thinking it would still be considered new 6 months later and want to console themselves.
  • One ticket to game 1 of the World Series. According to StubHub you could get a ticket for game 1 of the World Series for less than $329, some are standing room only but others might be in center field or right field.
  • 30,000 shares of a penny stock. If you’re looking into investing your money you could try getting into stocks. Penny stocks could be worth something in the future, which is more than an iPad mini will a year from now.

One of the reasons many consumers tend to overspend is because they want the latest and greatest model. If you’re interested in buying a tablet, whether as a gift or for yourself, it’s wise to shop around and look at other models that may not be as expensive. Don’t get caught up in the hype, there are many more useful ways you could spend your money.