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The Truth About Holiday Shopping Deals

An outside company looked over holiday shopping deals throughout the span of two years, what they found was that some deals are not what they seem.
By AmOne
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

couple holding holiday sale sign Black Friday announcements are rolling in already with retail stores and malls announcing they’ll be opening Thanksgiving Day in the late evening and some stores opening up at midnight. Many shoppers have already lined up for one very popular gadget and it’s likely many more of those will be sold come Black Friday.
In 2011 it was estimated that shoppers would spend over $700 on Black Friday, the majority of their money going towards purchases for kids. While some of those door busting deals can be worth the money, findings from a recent study show that many of those other holiday deals are not.

The Wall Street Journal hired an outside company to look over deals for various items throughout the span of two years, what they found was that the pricing of a majority of items continued to rise the closer it got to Christmas.

Watches and jewelry tend to get more expensive, prices increased from October to December. While tracking one particular watch, the study found that it was best to buy the item in March when the price was cut down by over $200.

If you’re looking to buy a new television the time to do so is right now. The study found that TVs were priced for less during October than December, in some cases you could save over $200. Popular toys were also best to buy in early fall than waiting until late November and December.

There are some deals that get better later in the season such as kitchen supplies. Stores are also likely to lower the prices of items that undersold throughout the year. Video games and gaming systems are usually lower on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well.

Some tech companies also give out small discounts on their products during the high buying season which can be well worth it if they rarely ever have sales.

The Takeaway

When it comes to holiday shopping everyone wants the best deals, even if it means not sleeping after Thanksgiving dinner. While some of those deals are worth the extra coffee, note that some of the best deals are happening now so it might be time to start shopping. If you’re not financially ready for a holiday shopping spree AmOne can help you get on the right track. Whether you need credit repair or a debt consolidation loan, let AmOne connect you with a service provider that can help you beat the holiday shopping blues.