7 Not-So-Scary Halloween Freebies

kids dressed for Halloween Don’t miss out on all these Halloween freebies![/caption]If you’re prepared for Halloween then you simply cannot wait to get your hands on all those free goodies. Candy is usually the number one items on anyone’s list for Halloween, adults and children alike. If you’re only getting candy though, you’re missing out!

As with most holidays companies are offering up freebies for children and adults, some places are also offering up discounts. Don’t forget, the day after Halloween is also a great day to stock up on decorations and costumes for next year. You can also get some great savings on candy, but we doubt that it will make it until next year. Here are a few ways to get more bang for your buck on all hallow’s eve.

  • $2 burrito at Chipotle. Anyone in costume can get a burrito, bowl, or salad at their local Chipotle between 4p.m. and closing for two bucks.
  • Free kids meal at Outback. This dine-in only deal provides a free kids meal for your kids with the purchase of an adult entrée. In the drink menu Outback has also hidden another deal for a free steak dinner to be used on your next visit.
  • Free doughnut at Krispy Kreme. If you’re lucky enough to live near a Krispy Kreme, go in on October 31st and show off your costume for a free Halloween or Pumpkin Spice doughnut.
  • Free/Discounted Frosty at Wendy’s. Here is the deal, on Halloween Wendy’s sells $1 Frosty coupon books which come with 5 coupons for a FREE frosty. You can choose to either hand the coupons out or enjoy the free frosties yourself!
  • Discounted Corndogs at Sonic. On Halloween Sonic will be offering corndogs for 50 cents all day long.
  • Kids eat free at Chili’s. Each year Chili’s offers free kids meals and this year will be no exception, just be sure to find the coupon online and print it out before you head to your local restaurant.
  • Free kids meal at Applebees. Although it has not been announced nationwide, several Applebees locations have announced they will be offering free kids meals to costumed kids. Call your local Applebees to see if they’re offering the same deal before heading out.

Take advantage of all the holiday festivities, check your local newspapers and blogs to see what other freebies might be available from food to entertainment.


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