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How to Find Holiday Gifts for Less

These holiday spending tips will help you have a good holiday without breaking the bank! Read these inexpensive Christmas gift ideas from the team at AmOne.
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By Christie Petersen
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

holiday gifts The holidays are here and you may have already started shopping, or you might be someone who prefers to wait until last minute to snag all the last minute deals you can. Whether you have a big family, or small family, holiday spending can take a toll on your bank account. Of course you have to attend all the holiday festivities you are invited to or throw your own shingdig. No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year brings tons of money stress.

If you’re currently on a budget, or want to start the New Year off on the right foot, being mindful of how much you’re spending in December can help. Don’t assume that all your Christmas gifts need to be pricey new items either, there are many ways to find inexpensive Christmas gifts.

  • Swap gift cards. If you have unused gift cards, consider swapping them for new ones to give out. Sites such as and allow you to buy and sell gift cards; you could get up to 90% of you old card’s original value. No matter if you want to sell your old cards or simply buy new ones for less this may be a good way for you to control your holiday spending.
  • Use store credit. We have all returned something at least once and you might have gotten store credit for it rather than your money back. If you’re wondering how you’ll use up that odd amount of credit, consider using it to buy a gift. You might have to use some additional funds but your store credit could cover the majority of the gift purchase.
  • Gift those bonus cards. If you went Black Friday shopping you might have received a bonus gift card with a purchase. Give it to someone as an inexpensive Christmas gift!
  • Sell your old goods for new ones. If you have any old electronics now might be the time to try to get them exchanged or sold off in order to buy the new gadgets those you love have on their wishlist.
  • Use daily deal sites. Groupon, Living Social, and Travelzoo are just a few daily deal sites where can find good gifts at much less. Some of the sites even feature deals specifically for the holidays so you can find more than restaurant discounts and trip excursions.

Although tis’ the season for giving, there are times when you have to give less. Use these helpful holiday spending tips to give the most you can within your means. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.