6 Feel-Good Money Stories of 2012

money returned to rightful owner Covering stories about finance means you get some that are positive and plenty that are negative. Stories about identity theft or debt can be heart-wrenching, despite this there are plenty of heart-warming stories out there as well.

In 2012 do-gooders had their stories splashed all over the internet; here are a few of the feel-good money stories of 2012.

  • Five firefighters from Albuquerque, New Mexico joined together to buy some lottery tickets. They won $10,000 out of a $640 million jackpot. The firefighters however took a portion of their winnings and donated it to a fellow firefighter in need of brain surgery due to an aggressive brain tumor.
  • College students are usually in need of money, so when one returns a half a billion dollar check they received in error, it is quite a story. Allen Smith, who receives a monthly Veteran’s Affairs stipend for his college expenses, returned a check for $690 million to the VA office at Fort Benning after receiving the check in error.
  • $10,000 is a lot of money; it is even more to someone who is homeless. A homeless couple in Brazil turned in a duffel bag to police after finding $10,000 cash in the bag. The money was stolen from a nearby restaurant and was returned to the owners who vowed to reward the couple.
  • Everyone dreams of winning it big in Las Vegas, one man did but then left his $221,000 winnings in a cab. Lucky for him he had an honest cabbie that turned in the money which found its way back to its owner. The cab driver was given a $2,000 “tip” for his honesty.
  • Most of us get excited if we find cash tucked away in an expected place, but you’d never think you would find it while out shopping. In Massachusetts, Cheryl Gavazzi found $11,000 stuffed in a purse she was considering buying. She immediately turned the purse into authorities where the owner claimed the purse after reporting it stolen. Gavazzi was given a small monetary reward.
  • Goodwill did a, well, good will when an employee turned over $3,300 they found in a donated shoe to their manager. The manager held the money for seven days to see if anyone would claim it, a woman whose husband had donated the shoes did.

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