Father’s Day Special: How Tech Savvy Are Today’s Dads?

Happy Father's DayIf the success of Pinterest says nothing else, it tells us just how digitally savvy today’s moms are. But how about dads?

A family life survey found that dads are may actually be even more social media savvy than their better halves.

On average, fathers had 26 more “online friends” and were 7X more likely to be connected to their kids on at least one social network… which is no surprise they were also found to spend significantly more time interacting with their kids online as well. You may have also noticed more and more dad businesses and blogs sprouting up these days.

We found a great infographic (below) showing research pulled together by the education portal OnlineSchools.com. It shows a fuller picture of just how connected dads are today.

So who is more tech-savvy? Moms or dads?

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