Identify Credit Report Mistakes

Learn how to identify common credit report errors from the team at AmOne! Correcting your credit report can mean a higher credit score & lower interest rates.
credit report written on chalkboard
By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 7th, 2022

credit report written on chalkboard What’s the best way to find out if you have errors on your credit report? Checking it.

To make sure your credit scores are where you need them to be to get lower interest rates on thing like mortgages, auto loans, and even for credit checks performed by landlords and potential employers, you should review your credit report and correct it if there are any mistakes. You are entitled to one free credit report per year and there are companies that offer fee-based credit monitoring and reporting services.

But once you have your credit report in hand, what common credit reporting errors should you be looking for?

One of the first things that you should do is to make sure there aren’t any loan defaults or missed payments on your credit report. If there are defaults and missed or even late payments, those common errors on your credit report should be corrected immediately to help ensure that your credit score can improve.

Another common credit reporting error to watch for is something that isn’t as obvious as a default — it’s making sure that all of your credit card accounts are shown on your credit report. While not every lender reports to the three credit bureaus, most do, so all of your accounts should be reflected. Also, check to see if there are accounts listed that don’t belong to you. While that might seem like one of those no-brainers, it’s always better to go through your credit report item by item than to simply scan it.

Once you’ve identified any errors on your report, you should notify both the credit bureau and also the lender. The lender is who you should work with in order to ensure that your credit report is corrected. Once your credit report errors are corrected, your credit score should recover in a few weeks or so.