Which States Are Winning & Losing in the Credit Game

As the nation continues to navigate through economic recovery, some states are doing better than others.
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By AmOne
Updated on: February 11th, 2022

loan approved stamp Living in Hawaii is not the same as living in Maine, and neither are your chances of getting credit from either state.

Whether you’re looking to get approved for a personal loan or to extending a line of credit on a credit card, your chances of hearing, “you’re approved,” are likely to vary.

As the nation continues to navigate through economic recovery, some states are doing better than others.

Based on factors like unemployment rates, credit scores, bankruptcy rates, and credit card delinquency, one company has found the best and worst states for credit. Here’s what they found out about the state of the credit game.

The Winners

North Dakota — Thanks in part to their strong agriculture, food processing, and oil industries this state has continued to do well. Unemployment rates have remained on average at 3 percent. Along with the population’s high credit scores and low rates of home foreclosure, the Sioux state took the top spot.

Vermont — The green mountain state came in 2nd due to its low bankruptcy and foreclosure rates. As for unemployment, they have remained steady at just under 5 percent in 2012.

South Dakota — It’s no surprise that the Mount Rushmore state is doing so well. With unemployment rates below 5 percent since early 2011, the resident’s credit scores have also remained average which is often between 600 and 700 throughout the nation.

The Losers

Nevada — Maybe living close to a casino isn’t such a good thing. The state’s low credit scores, high bankruptcy rates, and increasing foreclosures did not bode well for its citizens. Unemployment rates were through the roof as high as 14 percent back in 2010. The silver state’s unemployment rate still remains steady at 12 percent.

Georgia — Things are not so peachy in Georgia, bad credit ratings and a rather high unemployment rate ranked this state as the second worst to find credit in.

Florida — It is common knowledge that it isn’t always sunny in Florida. With an unemployment rate exceeding 11 percent less than two years ago, the state residents continue to try to find work within an economy that boasts 8.8 percent unemployment currently. The state has also dealt with having the highest amount of foreclosed homes in the nation.

The Takeaway

While the economy continues to recover, some states are doing better than others; this doesn’t mean pack up your bags and relocate. AmOne is here to help you get matched with the best financial solutions for you. Our knowledgeable associates are ready to guide you through the process of credit repair, credit counseling, or finding a loan that fits your needs. AmOne offers solutions; find out how to reach us and learn more about how we can help you today.