5 Credit Card Perks You Could Be Missing Out On

There are some credit card perks that could work in your favor - here are five to be on the lookout for.
credit card dressed as superman
By AmOne
Updated on: November 14th, 2022

credit card dressed as superman What credit card rewards are you missing out on? Credit card perks, points, bonuses, and freebies are touted whenever a new offer comes in via the mail. Unfortunately, these shiny new cards, ready and waiting to be used, mean that you’re left with homework. That homework? Reading through pages and pages of fine print, looking through the terms of agreement for what works for you and what might work against you.

Luckily, there are some credit card perks that could work in your favor. Just keep in mind that not all credit cards are alike, and neither will their perks and programs be. Here are five perks to be on the lookout for.

Concierge Services

Believed to be something reserved for only elite credit card holders, many companies have these services available for every day consumers. Whether you’re looking to book a last minute flight or reservations for the busiest restaurant in town, they are there to help you.

Spending Tracker

Often available with debit and credit cards, you can better budget your money by knowing where you’re spending it. Discover what is being spent on bills, entertainment, coffee, sports, and so on. If you need to cut back on your spending or save for a life event, you’ll be able to see where you could spend less.

Credit Card Rewards

Reward cards can be extremely tricky, but for some they can be very useful. Earn points for concert tickets, travel, gift cards, cash back, and more. In order to reap these benefits it’s best to inform yourself as much as possible about the rewards program to make sure you are not being duped.

Roadside Assistance

Some credit cards offer roadside assistance either at no-cost or for minimal fees. Assistance might include a tire change, battery jump start, towing, or gas delivery. In some cases your towing could be at a reduced price while other services are free.

Travel Freebies & Discounts

These days traveling does not come cheap. With some credit card lenders you can fly for free, mainly those who let you rack up travel miles. However, others provide discounts into airport lounges, waive bag fees, and waive foreign transaction fees. Also, some cards might be able to provide discounts on certain airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.

The Takeaway

Credit card perks, when properly researched, can really work in a consumer’s favor. Look into services provided, potential discounts, and rewards programs to see what cards might work best for you. If you’re in the process of repairing your credit, AmOne is here to help you. We can assist you in finding out your credit score and getting matched with credit monitoring services to help you fix your credit. Contact us today to learn more.