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7 Creative Ways to Save More Money

Get ready for the new year and take control of your finances with these creative ways to save money. Learn how to save more money from the team at MPulse!
woman putting money in piggy bank
By Susan Barnes
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

woman putting money in piggy bank Saving money can be tricky, we budget our money and then cut back on as much as we can. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

People tend to invent some creative ways to save money or to stop themselves from spending. The well-known freezer method suggests people freeze their credit cards in a cube so that then they’ll stop using them. Of course that only really works if you don’t have a hair dryer and patience.

Yahoo! has provided some other creative, but also useful, ways people have tricked themselves into saving money.

  • Use the force rule of four. Every time you use cash and receive a bill with a serial number ending in “4” stash it away. You could pick any number to establish your own rule, just be sure to set the bill away if the serial number ends with the number you chose.
  • Bill yourself. If automatic bill pay is something you’re used to consider using it to put a little extra into your savings account each month. Rather than thinking of saving more money as something you should do, it will be something you have to do/pay.
  • App it up. Yahoo! provides several apps and websites like ImpulseSave and Adaptu that can help you change your impulse buying habit into an impulse saving habit. If you don’t want to connect a random app to your bank account we suggest seeing what quick-savings tools may be available through your mobile banking app, like PNC’s “punch the pig” button.
  • Build a support system. You’re used to hearing this advice, but that support system could be finding online groups that help you connect with other people working to save money. Being able to discuss your setbacks and achievements could give you the push to keep moving forward.
  • Celebrate the good and bad. You’ve heard of a “swear” jar, but you don’t always have to punish yourself for doing something negative. Celebrate your life victories and setbacks by “giving” yourself the gift the money, and more savings.

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