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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Did you know that there are effective ways to conserve energy that also save you money by lowering your electric, gas, water, and other utilities?
man programming thermostat
By Adam Beckles
Updated on: November 11th, 2022

man programming thermostat Saving money can help save the environment. It can be that simple. How can you do both?

Thankfully, there are several easy and effective ways to conserve energy, trim costs, and gain control over the energy usage in your home. By lowering your energy consumption, you also lower your utility bills and save on the cost of modern daily life.

Here are some tips and to help manage your energy costs, while you’re at home and even while you’re away.

  1. Live in a warm weather climate? Switch to an automatic thermostat fan to cool your home at 78 degrees or higher; turn it up to 82 when you’re away from home to save more.
  2. For those who live in cooler climates and experience fall and winter, heat your home at 68 degrees or cooler While you’re away from home lower the automatic temperatures to 65 or lower to save more.
  3. The recommended temperature setting according to the U.S. Department of Energy is 120 degrees if you want to reduce your water heating costs by $7 each month.
  4. Replace your air conditioner filter regularly to help your unit run more efficiently and cut your cooling costs. Consider investing in a reusable air conditioner as ell rather than buying disposable ones.
  5. For homes with ceiling fans, turn it off when you leave the room; leaving it running can cost you up to $7 each month.
  6. Use your dishwasher? Don’t pre-rinse your dishes in order to save nearly $70 a year on your water bill.
  7. If you have a pool, limit the time you run your pool pump:
    • Summer
      Run it no more than six hours a day.
    • Winter
      Run it no more than four hours a day.
  8. Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the load size, especially when using hot water. Use cold water for the rinse cycle.
  9. If you’re using a dryer be sure to clean the lint filter before every load, not only can it help dry your clothes faster it can also help prevent a fire. The auto sensor function on your dryer can also help conserve energy.
  10. Use a water-efficient shower head. If you’re not sure if your current shower head is water-efficient, follow these simple steps to test it:
    • Get a gallon bucket and a watch or a clock that counts seconds; place the bucket underneath the shower head.
    • Turn the shower on full using cold water; time how long it takes to fill the gallon.

    If your tests lasts less than 24 seconds, then you do not have the most efficient shower head because the flow goes beyond the recommended 2.5 gallons per minute. If it takes longer than 24 seconds to fill a gallon of water, then you have an efficient shower head.

    (Okay, this isn’t an electricity-related saving, but it will save you money on your utility bill, as well as helping to curb the waste of water.)

The Takeaway

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