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Curtailing College Costs – Part 2

Books, supplies, and housing can make your college degree seem more expensive than it really is. Find out how to pay less for some of these necessities.
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By Rachel Lewin
Updated on: November 10th, 2022

spending cuts next exit road sign Now that you know a bit more about handling college tuition, it is time to find out how you can cut back on other college costs. Books, supplies, housing, and random expenses can make your college degree seem more expensive than it really is. Expenses like housing come down to either paying for a college dorm room, or finding a place to rent that won’t be too expensive. However, other purchases such as books and supplies can be much less than you think.


College freshmen tend to think the only place they can get their textbooks is the school’s bookstore. These days you can buy textbooks (used and new) online, or rent your textbooks for much less than the university bookstore’s asking price. For example, an Anatomy & Physiology book may cost over $200 at the bookstore; online it could cost between $70 and $120. Textbook rentals are another way to save without having to keep a book that will only gather dust on your shelves. You can also consider splitting the cost of a textbook with a classmate, or seeing if an e-textbook exists as that version could be less than the physical book.


Everyone wants their gadget to be the latest model which is great as long as you’re not spending your textbook money on those electronics. Companies like Apple, Dell, and Amazon have student discounts available. If you’re researching a new computer to buy it’s worth asking the company if they provide any type of student discount.

Student Discounts

Amongst all the studying, exams, and library sessions, entertainment is a must-have for college students. Most colleges and universities have plenty of free activities for students, but there are dozens of college student discounts out there. Museums, movie theatres, travel agencies, clothing retailers, and gyms are just a few places that might offer discounts to anyone who can provide a current college or university ID.

The Takeaway

College tuition is expensive enough; don’t let all the other expenses catch up with you. Try finding inexpensive textbooks, electronics, and entertainment. If you find there are still some costs you might need to cover such as moving out of state, or furnishing your new apartment consider getting a personal loan to cover your needs. Find out how to reach us and learn more about how AmOne can help you today.