family on vacation

How To: Save Money During Summer Vacation

With the first official day of summer approaching and classes out of session, most people will be heading somewhere for vacation. While vacation can be a much needed break from work and equally needed time to spend with family and friends, it can also be stressful due to one thing: money. Going on vacation can […]

saving money while on vacation

How To: Save Money On Vacation

With the Memorial Day weekend around the corner and summer break approaching, now is a good time to figure out the best ways to save on travel. Learn how to save on travel from the team at AmOne today! Last year, American Express found that the total average for summer travel was $1,145 per person. […]

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5 Mobile Apps To Help Save You Money

From tablets to smartphones, mobile devices and the applications we use on them have made our lives easier and much of our daily routine more convenient. Did you know that mobile apps can do more than provide entertainment or the fastest route to your friend’s house? Mobile apps can go a long way toward helping […]

save your tax refund

5 Smart Things To Do With Your Tax Return

It’s tax season again, so tax refunds are flowing and the urge to spend this money is rising. It can be easy to see a tax refund as a cash windfall that’s free to spend on things like a brand new wardrobe or expensive electronics. However, wasting the money from a tax refund is one […]

save money in February

5 Ways To Save Money In February

While Valentine’s Day has come and gone, you can still put the holiday to good use. Many retailers will be looking to relieve themselves of their pink and red heart-themed inventory, so you can save money now by purchasing items. While it’s not a good idea to buy candy to give to someone next year, […]