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4 Tips for Paying Off Student Loans

There is possibly no greater feeling than paying off your student loans except maybe paying off your mortgage. Student loan debt effects 19 percent of American households, double the amount effected in 1989. With rising tuition costs and the need for workers with college degrees it is no surprise that student debt has reached over […]

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What Debt Can Be Consolidated?

Debt crosses many lines. For some, even the slightest bit of credit card use will be considered debt. For others, being indebted thousands of dollars is actual debt. The majority of people have debt whether they will admit it or not. For some, debt may be credit cards, a car loan, or maybe a student […]

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3 Inventive Ways to Pay Off Your Debts

After being burned by excess fees, high interest rates, or a bad customer service experience, you might finding yourself dreaming up scenarios of exacting revenge on credit card companies, banks, and your student loan lender. The best revenge is getting your finances in order, either on your own or in enrolling with a credit repair […]