A man pets his dog on the tummy

Personal Loans for Pet Emergency Care & Other Options

Veterinary care costs have risen steeply for several reasons. Drug and technology prices are up, pets have access to treatments once only available to humans, and many vet practices use the same labs and suppliers as human health care providers. MRIs and cancer treatments can be nearly as costly for pets as they are for […]

A son discusses the difference between credit cards and personal loans with his parents.

Personal Loans vs. Credit Cards: How to Borrow Smarter

It’s natural to think of credit cards first when we consider borrowing because they are everywhere. We’re asked to sign up for cards with every purchase at the mall, and we toss ads for credit cards every time we retrieve our mail. But what about personal loans vs. credit cards? Should credit cards always be […]

Married people having a discussion about personal loan rates while sitting in front of a computer at home

Personal Loan Interest Rates Lowest of 2021: Is Now the Time to Borrow?

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, average two-year personal loan interest rates fell to 9.39% in the third quarter this year. That’s their lowest point in 2021 and down about .25% since closing out 2020 at 9.65%. This trend could indicate an opportunity for consumers to borrow more affordably. What Is an Average Personal Loan […]

A young woman uses her phone to research personal loan lenders.

10 Ways to Spot a Good Personal Loan Company

A quick online search can reveal dozens of lenders offering personal loans. Unfortunately, many of those lenders aren’t the best option for you. Not all lenders are equal, and finding a good one often takes some work. How do you spot a good personal loan company? Below are ten traits to look for in a […]

a couple does online research to find the best personal loan rate.

The Best Personal Loan Rates: How to Find Them

Personal loans can be used in a pinch to get money for an emergency, make a large purchase or even consolidate debt. Whenever you get a loan, though, you end up paying an interest charge. If you want to pay less in interest over time — and have a lower overall cost for your loan […]