A man uses his computer to research his credit score

How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points

If you are able to raise your credit score by 200 points, you’ll save money every time you borrow. A 140 point increase in your credit score could save you enough on a mortgage to buy a car in five years. According to MyFICO.com, borrowers with a 760 credit score pay an APR of 2.62%, […]

A woman speaks on the phone with a personal loan representative.

Need a Personal Loan? Pick Up the Phone

Many people prefer the convenience and anonymity of applying for an online personal loan to a face-to-face encounter at a bank. However, not everyone wants to go through the entire personal loan process online. At AmOne.com, you can enjoy the benefits of an online personal loan and still have the option of human contact. Simply […]

A woman looks at her computer with a happy expression because she is approved for a personal loan

How to Get a $5,000 Loan

If you need to borrow $5,000 or less, a personal loan might be your best option. But how do you qualify for a personal loan? How much income do you need, and what’s the minimum credit score? Can you afford the monthly payment? What other options are there to borrow $5,000? Personal loan providers want […]

A woman sits in front of a computer holding a bill and considers paying her personal loan off early.

Should You Pay Off Your Personal Loan Early?

If you’re making a payment on a personal loan every month, you might be itching to pay it off — especially if you’ve saved up enough money to wipe out that balance in one fell swoop. While paying off any loan early might sound like a great idea, there are several factors to consider before […]

A woman works on her side busness that she got started with a personal loan

Should You Get a Side Business Personal Loan?

The very idea may sound counterintuitive at first. Getting a personal loan to start a small business? Aren’t personal loans for personal stuff and business loans for business stuff? But what if this small business you’re starting is just a side gig? Or what if it’s going to be your livelihood, but right now, you’re […]