couple buying a car

Did You Buy A New Car In 2013?

The number of consumers taking out loans for a new or used car has increased over the past decade and will likely continue to grow in 2013. Delinquency rates on auto loans are at an all time low meaning that although consumers are taking out higher loans they are repaying them in a timely manner. […]

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Car Insurance Discounts You Could Be Missing Out On

It seems that lately more and more car insurance providers are turning to TV to lure new customers in with the promise of discounts and saving more. Discounts are one way drivers can save money, but how do these discounts work and how can you take advantage of them to reduce your car insurance rates? […]

couple buying a car

4 Things to Know Before You Go Car Shopping

We’re going to say something you don’t hear very often, car shopping is easy. Think about it, usually you know what type of car you want or need, the year, model, and probably even the price. However, when you have to figure how you’re going to finance it, what kind of down payment you need, […]

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Using a Personal Loan to Buy a Car

Buying a new car can be an exciting yet stressful experience. While you work to find the right car, you also have to figure out how to save for a down payment and finance your new wheels. While the reason for buying a car might seem obvious, some people see the need for a car […]