student loan debt

Should I Refinance My Student Loans?

If you have federal student loans, you may be aware that there is an option to consolidate them.  In doing this, be advised that there is no benefit provided with respect to your interest rate (your interest rate will be a weighted average of your existing loans).  You can also alter your repayment terms by […]

buying a car

Top 5 Tips On Buying A Car

Whatever the reason — whether your old car can’t make it to work anymore, or you’re expecting a nice-sized tax return, or you’re getting your first car — you may be thinking about purchasing a car, either new or used. When it comes to making a large purchase like this, you might be wondering where […]

couple buying a car

Did You Buy A New Car In 2013?

The number of consumers taking out loans for a new or used car has increased over the past decade and will likely continue to grow in 2013. Delinquency rates on auto loans are at an all time low meaning that although consumers are taking out higher loans they are repaying them in a timely manner. […]