cutting down taxes

Saving Money On Your Tax Bill

A big way in which you can save money on your taxes comes thanks to the fiscal cliff tax deal. The tax deal brought back dozens of expired credits and deductions, making them retroactive to 2012. Among them being able to deduct state sales taxes and the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Also, you have until […]

new homeowners

Two Homeowner Tax Credits You Might Qualify For

The time has come for homeowners to start figuring out what tax credits they could be eligible for. Lucky for you Mint noted that there are two newly renewed tax deductions you might be able to take advantage of. Mortgage Insurance Deduction According to the IRS you can treat home mortgage insurance as home mortgage […]

1040 tax form

Get Prepped for Tax Preparations

Tax season can be a super stressful time for most people. This time of year means tons of paperwork and trying to do a year-in-review of your finances. If you had more than one job, made big changes like bought a home or had a child, you can expect even more paperwork. Before you even […]

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How to Handle an Audit

When it comes down to tax season we all look forward to that big refund dreaming up of what you’ll do with. The one thing we all dread is either getting your return denied, or worst, being audited. Usually you can hire a tax professional to help you out, but you still have to know […]